Ford’s Bold moves continue with F150 episode

Posted By on September 8, 2006

2007 Ford F150Ford Motor Company continues to try and rebuild its reputation as a solvent American car company with the internet based “Bold Moves” campaign. The recent update after announcing Alan Mulally the new President and CEO is a video clip on their segment leading F-150 pickup truck. I’ve often believed that American pickup buyers would be the most receptive bunch to a smaller and quieter diesel? (hinted in the video) Why are they so slow in bring it to market?

Eric Bryant in a recent Ford promotional article commented that as you “travel around the world, one thing becomes decidedly clear – Americans are basically the only ones to use pickup trucks as private vehicles.” Americans purchase nearly 2,500,000 full-size trucks every year, which is about 15% of all passenger vehicle sales, according to Bryant. Of that ‘full-size’ market segment, Ford remains the leader and the domestic three dominate with about a 90% market share. Is this about to change? We’ll see if Ford’s “bold moves” will be enough to defend their turf … I find myself as a Ford shareholder and ‘prideful’ American … hoping they can.


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