Gasoline $1.97 / Diesel $2.99

Posted By on September 16, 2006

One more from the phone post on the dropping retail gasoline prices — $1.97 tonight as I ran by the local south western Ohio convenient store. Now if only diesel fuel would come down to something close … a dollar plus premium is a little difficult to swallow.


  • Steve


    You should really be grousing now!

    Here in NJ RUG $2.55, diesel $2.59.

    I still wonder why it took so long for diesel to move downward out here in NJ, but at least the process has started, and it continues on a weekly downward track with RUG. Hope you see the same soon.


  • Rumor … strictly rumor: Someone in the coffee shop chatter indicated that the local depots filled up during the Iranian saber rattling, Israel/Lebanon exchange, the BP pipeline announcement and the potential hurricane season. These Ohio local depots got caught with excess high cost inventory at the end of summer and are dumping it on the local retail markets.

    Sound plausible?

  • Down here in Dallas the cheapest I’ve seen diesel go for is $2.75 while gas is down to $2.25. Glad I bought my diesel just as gas prices were going down. Oh well, no regrets. I still have a nicer commuting car than my Camaro.

    At least my family can get around fairly cheap right now.

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