President Clinton ‘goes off’ on Chris Wallace

Posted By on September 25, 2006

Clinton on FoxNews SundayNot since the ‘finger wagging’ incident in the oval office has President Clinton chastised someone the way he did Chris Wallace and the media (primarily FoxNews) in a Sunday newshow interview. The interview was intended to focus on promoting President Clinton’s “Global Initiative,” but ended up off topic. In the 20 minute interview, loved him or hated him, President Clinton vehemently defended his record and what he perceives as a ‘politically motivated’ perspective on what his administration did and didn’t do to capture Osama Bin Laden and thwart terror. I suspect that it was not only the question from Chris Wallace that ‘set him off’ (as Wallace did try to steer the subject back toward the “Global Initiative”), but the events including the recent controversial ABC Docudrama and the political escalation of attacks on both side the GOP and Democrats in what was done to combat terrorism. Issues are obviously coming to a head, and being ‘spun,’ as we approach a crucial November midterm election. Its was obvious to me that Chris Wallace and his reference to the ‘FoxNews viewers many emails’ was the straw that broke the camels back.

I’ll include a entire 2.7 meg MP3 Audio clip of the entire interview (right click/save as) because it is smaller than the video, but will add the ‘FoxNews Promo’ for the interview available on YouTube below. (interesting too) You only have to search your memory while listening to the audio to get a clear image of how much tension must have be in this room … oh to be a fly on the wall.

EDIT: From YouTube: “This video has been removed from YouTube
at the request of copyright owner Fox News Network, LLC
because its content was used without permission”


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