Prototype 2008 ‘common rail’ VW Jetta TDI

Posted By on September 26, 2006

2008 Prototype VW Jetta TDI
The prototype of the 2008 Volkswagen ‘common rail‘ diesel powered Jetta TDI was on display along with several other vehicles in Boston last weekend and a member from the TDIClub was there to snap a couple photos. Of course I’m late to the table in commenting on this as several diesel related blogs and publications have already pick this up as well. Nevertheless, its great to see what the 2008 Jetta TDI might offer.

A couple of lip smacking highlights are the 140 ponies being produced by the common rail design which is mated to a 6 speed manual rather that the 5 speed that previous US TDIs have received. All it all it looks like something to wait for? (lets just hope the EPA likes it too?)
Specs on the prototype TDI


  • Hank

    Any idea of MPG’s?


  • No …. but that would be nice to know. All I can say is that I liked the 2005.5 TDI and I’m sure I’d like it more with 140 Horsepower.

  • Someone on TDIClub said 60 highway, 40 city. 😮

  • Whoa … 60? That’s a pretty impressive number that I’ll have to see to believe. Thanks for the comment Eric.

  • Frank Bloss

    VW claims (on their German web site) that a Jetta equipped with the 2 liter TDI engine that is currently available on the domestic German market, consumes 8 and 5 liters of (Diesel) fuel per 100 km of city and highway driving, respectively. That works out to about 30 and 47 mpg, city and highway. I expect the 2008 Jetta TDI slated for export to the US will have similar fuel consumption.

  • Thanks Frank,
    The hwy sounds about right but the city number seems low IMHO???

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  • Donan Iacovone

    Sorry, but the German version is a PD140 engine not the CR140 (common rail) coming to the U.S. Therefore, the CR140 will likely see better mpg ratings compared with the European PD140. I have also read from three sources 40 city and 60 highway. Base price of around $23,000. It will also be available with the 6 speed DSG dual clutch transmission.

  • Barry Collins

    I saw a 2008 Jetta TDI on the road on July 16. (On I-88 in the west suburbs of Chicago.) It still had dealer plates and looked like a just-delivered customer car (black). It differed from the other pictures I have seen in that it had a small “Diesel” badge on the front fender and a very small, thin trunk lip spoiler. As in earlier photos, there is also a TDI badge on the trunk.

  • Kevin Mack

    I love posts like this! Keep up the great blog, I\’ve bookmarked it and added it to my RSS reader to check out more often.

  • Ryan


    Are you sure that TDI you saw wasn’t a 2006 Special Edition? They produced these in late 2006 in part to account for the lack of TDIs that would be available in 2007. I’m asking because I own one, and they differ from the regular 2006 models in that they have the “Diesel” badge on the front fenders and I believe most of them have the lip spoiler on the trunk as well. It’s part of the special edition package.

  • Ryan is correct … (of course he owns one) … that during this past 2007 year VWoA has been selling the 2006 model year TDIs. They should be about gone if not entirely?

    I’ve seen a photos somewhere of a new ‘common rail’ VW TDI around Detroit on one of the sites, but failed to post anything on it. Seems someone does have a prototype in the U.S. … but it certainly would have to have a manufacture’s plate … at least that’s what I would assume.

    The latest news is that dealers are taking orders for the 2008 Jetta and Sportwagen TDIs for expected delivery in March of 2008.

  • I have a 2000 tdi Jetta. Also had at same time a 1991 Diesel Jetta Echo model. They only made tht model that one yr. different catalytic converter. Great car. Looked like an older BMW. My husband was a salesman so we always got diesels. The 91 one was recently in an accident (not my fault) It was in excellent shape. 90,000 miles. That’s peanuts for a diesel. Totaled. The 2000 TDI only 23,500 miles as we used the other one more. Excellent car. On the turnpike got 59.9 per gal. City is about 38 -39….It is a great car…..

  • Thanks for adding your valued comments. I should also update that the new VW TDIs were delayed and they will arrive for demos in early summer (according to sources) and deliveries will begin in late summer for those that order.

  • Ranger

    Volkswagen claims the 2.0L TDI will get “mid-forties in the city,
    mid-fifties on the highway”. Demonstration models (that won’t be for
    sale) will arrive in May 2008 and the first Diesel versions will be sold
    in September for those that have a deposit down in advance. I expect
    they’ll be in short supply for the balance of 2008 and the early ones
    will probably have lots of profitable options so VW can maximize
    profits while the car is in hot demand. The Jetta TDI will be the most fuel efficient production vehicle ever sold in North America. It will
    also be one of the cleanest Diesels ever sold here.

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