Warren Buffett’s “Thrifty” Lincoln Town Car

Posted By on September 13, 2006

Buffett and Thrifty Vanity PlateCar Buyer’ Notebook reported that there is a new charity auction on Ebay today. I found the story interesting not for the car, but for the questionable vanity plate. The hopeful promotion, which will benefit Girls Inc., is selling Warren Buffett’s 2001 Signature Series Lincoln Town Car and includes the famed investor’s – THRIFTY – vanity plate. Now … all Volkswagen TDI drivers know, this plate does not belong on a Lincoln, but on a popular fuel efficient diesel car built by Volkswagen. All VW TDI models, the Golf, Jetta, New Beetle and Passat, are extraordinarily “thrifty” when compared to the Lincoln Town Car. What other family vehicles are able to set the cruise control and maintain Autobahn speeds while returning 50mpg? (and do it running clean US grown and produced renewable biodiesel!)

Before you place a bid, here’s a little disclosure on a possible ‘reliablity’ issue with this particular Lincoln Town Car: A few years ago Mr. Buffett picked up fellow billionaire Bill Gates for dinner. After paying the $35 “thrifty” dollars for their two dinners, both men returned to Buffett’s car for the drive home. Unfortunately the 3 year old Lincoln wouldn’t start – it seemed the steering wheel lock prevented the key from turning. Considering the combined genius of the nation’s two riches men, neither of them could figure out how to get the key to turn. They ended up calling a cab. (WSJ)


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