Gen X and Y likely to consider diesel cars

Posted By on October 20, 2006

Frank GiovinazziFrank Giovinazzi posted an encouraging Generation Y and X survey today over at CarBuyersNotebook. It was encouraging in that there seems to be more acceptance of the new breed of cleaner, quieter, more powerful, efficient and economical diesels. Frank has posted regularly on the inroads diesel technology is making here in the United States and the promising future now that Ultra Low Sulfur and Biodiesel are nationally available. Check out all his posts over at

Younger Drivers Considering Diesel-Powered Cars?

On the heels of the new Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel arriving at the pumps and the launch of the next generation of diesel-powered cars like the 2007 Mercedes- Benz E320 BLUETEC this week, a new omnibus survey has found that 50 percent of Generation Y (18-29 years in age) and 46 percent of Generation X (30-41 years of age) would consider buying or leasing a new clean diesel car.

The survey findings echo recent predictions by J.D. Power and Associates that sales of diesel cars will nearly triple in the next ten years as advancements make today’s diesels a greener, more fuel efficient and socially responsible alternative to gasoline-powered cars.

Read Frank’s entire post here.


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