New Ohio built 2007 Honda CR-V

Posted By on October 3, 2006

Honda CR-V rolling off the line in Ohio plantLet’s talk about the new 2007 Honda CR-Veven though its not a diesel although a diesel will be coming [see link1 and 2]. They will also have a unique self-contained catalyst system that will help meet new stringent US emission standards. That aside, Honda has made significant investments near my home town and western Ohio; they continue to expand production facilities in western Ohio. (Indiana too) They have been a well received employer in the rural areas and have retained their Japanese reputation of quality in the U.S. facilities. It is a shame domestically owned companies continue to play catch-up both in perception and reality.
1977 Honda CivicHonda of America History:
The US corporation was established in 1979 to build motorcycles and added car production in 1982. It’s comprised of four Ohio manufacturing plants – the Marysville Auto Plant, the East Liberty Auto Plant, the Anna Engine Plant and the original facility, the Marysville Motorcycle Plant. Honda employment in Ohio totals about 16,000. Major operations include Honda R&D Americas Inc. in Raymond; Honda Transmission Mfg. Inc. in Russells Point; Honda Engineering North America Inc. in Marysville and Anna; and the American Honda Motor Co. Inc. service parts and procurement center in Troy. (my first Honda was an imported ‘primer-gray’ 1977 Civic two-door Sedan – photo above – and it served me well.)

2007 Honda CRV
The cross-over Honda CR-V:
The Honda CR-V has been heavily redesigned and is being produced in the East Liberty Ohio Plant, which is the same facility that builds the Honda Civic Sedan and Honda Element; it began producing cars in 2002. The plant runs two shifts each day and as shift one did the majority of the work including the painting on the first American built
2007 Honda CRV rearCR-V, the second shift did the final assembly and rolled the Nighthawk Black Pearl CR-V off the line at 7:17 p.m. on Monday. I can’t say I “CRaVe” the small SUV, but it does look like a nice all-wheel drive vehicle. (bias? … we own a Honda Pilot?)
Although the CR-V is built in the East Liberty Ohio plant, it receives many of the components from other local facilities, including the engine in the Anna, Ohio engine plant only 40 miles away. The new ‘crossover’ 2007 CR-V is expected to go on sale later this week and includes safely improvements as well as aerodynamic styling. The six airbags, antilock brakes, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) are all standard in the new CR-V. Here is a brief flash video review of the CR-V by Motorweek. (aired 9/30/2006)

Motorweek reviews the 2007 Honda CRV


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