Did you Vote today?

Posted By on November 7, 2006

Americans for all our lauded democracy, have notoriously been a lazy bunch when it comes to getting to the polls to vote. This year there is perhaps more anger and splits in how successfully the bunch in Washington (and locally) are running our country, but I wonder just how angry most Americans are? According to most figures I’ve looked at, the economy is not all that bad … in fact the Dow Industrial Index has risen to all time high, unemployment is at a 15 year low, inflation seems under control, interest rates have stabilized to palatable levels and even fuel prices aren’t making
I Voted Today graphicpeople squeal. BUT then there is Iraq … a debatable war strategy with no clear cut solution. Republicans for the most part are doing their best to say, “look … no terror attacks at home and Saddam is gone,” while Democrat point to our troops policing a country that just doesn’t seem controllable and is Iraq really part of the war on terror? Besides that, corruption in political life has also tainted most incumbents and those controlling the halls of the Capital; perhaps there is a really good reason to get out and vote, but will we?


EDIT 11/8/2006: Preliminary numbers indicate that just under 40% of registered voters cast their ballots which is on par with most midterm elections. It would be interesting to know just who the other 60% would have voted for or against considering the number of very tight races.


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