Election November 2006: What Americans want

Posted By on November 8, 2006

Election 2006 GraphicAmericans have spoken … and from the looks of things it was clear that we were not happy with the status-quo. Although the change was not quite as large as the 1994 shake up of Congress, it had the same effect in creating a direction change of the same magnitude. Democrats soundly have taken the House and look to be the majority in the Senate as well. (recounts could go into December according to the morning news)

Here are three things I’ve learned from yesterday’s election:

  • 1) Americans are unhappy with the situation in the middle east and the seemingly unchanging policies by the Bush Administration; they want a clear plan for success and the Iraqis to step forward ‘now’ in securing their country so our troops can come home.
  • 2) We are disgusted by corruption from our elected officials; Republicans had more than their share of questionable characters. Voters wanted a clean house.
  • 3) The Republican control legislator were elected to be the party of smaller government and of fiscal responsibility when it comes to spending tax dollars; they failed in their fiscal conservative practices. Even the GOP faithful can be heard criticizing their own party on their record of pork barrel spending.
  • The new cast of characters (and in my opinion there are some ‘real’ characters) are now leading the legislator. The ball is in their court and the opportunity is with the new majority leading our law making and judicial confirming body. Let’s see if they make the most of it or squander it as they have in the past. Personally … I’m not overconfident; perhaps my bias is showing through?


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