Solo sailors Ken Barnes and Donna Lange

Posted By on January 6, 2007

Ken Barnes FamilyI’m following up yesterday’s (1/5/2007) post about the California sailor Ken Barnes partially because the news media has picked up the story and and partially because of my sailing passion. In my opinion, this notoriety due to the family going public has been helpful in his rescue and the attention being paid to getting him safety back to the US. I’m not suggesting that those doing the actual rescuing are doing anything different, but the bureaucrats behind the scene might be giving the effort higher priority since all networks are covering the story? Nevertheless, the news is good and Ken Barnes is heading home to a waiting and grateful family. (see clip below)

Donna LangeMany watching or reading the news have now heard about Ken Barnes and his 44 foot boat “Privateer,” but don’t know about another single handed sailor in the same blow only 150 miles away sailing a 28 foot boat. I mentioned Donna Lange yesterday in my post, as her story also deserves note. I’m in email communication with her on her boat ‘Insanity Island’ and have enjoyed her perspective on sailing around Cape Horn. She should be rounding the tip of South America this weekend if all goes as planned; the weather looks about as positive as it could be for now. Check out her interesting story as she finishes her voyage at … and also consider purchasing her music CD. (I’ll see if I can get permission to include an short mp3 tickler song)
Insanity Island

Here’s a 10 minute segment from “On the Record” with Greta VanSusteren on 1/5/2007 as she interviews Ken Barnes family after talking to Ken. I found it appropriate that they were very grateful for those who put in significant effort and risk to get to the stranded sailor.


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