Solo sailor Ken Barnes is rescued

Posted By on January 5, 2007

UPDATE: Just before 6AM EST the fishing trawler Polar Pesca 1 rescued Ken Barnes. (FoxNews Alert Quicktime link)

Ken Barnes is a 47 years old from Southern California single handed sailor who was heading for Round Cape Horn in his 44 foot ketch
PrvateerPrivateer. A wicked storm has battered his yacht, de-masting both masts, damaging his hatch and leaving him without power. Most concerning is that, according to reports from his satellite phone, he has been injured. (a deep cut on his leg) Another low is heading his way from the west and his boat will most likely not make it. Currently a rescue attempt is underway, hopefully to have him picked up by today. Yesterday’s photo from a Chilean P3 airplane has confirmed the damage. Fellow solo sailor Donna Lange is within 150 miles, but her ability to rescue him in time seems unlikely. According to her website, she was in VHF contact with a Navy vessel this morning on their way to Ken’s last position below. (talked with LATimes as well) Also in case she,or her internet friends are reading this, I did a virtual buoy forecast check for the weather around Cape Horn (from my current calculations she is about 350 miles away?) and the predicted low will be impacting north of her position, but should be better this weekend the farther south she is. Best of luck around the Horn.

google map of ken barnes
This story has been picked up by most of the network news as well as the Greta VanSusteran “On the Record” last night; she interviews the family in the attached video clip.


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