FutureCar episode on Discovery Channel

Posted By on February 27, 2007

Opel eco speedster
According to the Treehugger website, the Discovery Channel will air a FutureCar episode on Wednesday, February 28th … it might be worth recording. One of the cars worth considering is the Opel Eco Speedster. Its a concept car, but shows just was a sleek high performance diesel is capable of doing. The powerplant is a small 1.3-liter EcoTech CDTI, but the Eco Speedster tops out at 155 mph. That’s impressive, but what I really find impressive is that it achieved an average fuel economy of 113 mpg over a 24-hour road test. What makes this possible is a low weight (660 kg/1,445 lbs) and minimal drag, mid-engine design, and a 5-speed automatic transmission … and I repeat … CDTI diesel.

Semi off the topic, here’s a cute YouTube clip from the McMaster Solar Car Project.


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