Has your ‘car’ ever driven through a red light?

Posted By on February 7, 2007

Traffic lightSeveral years ago while living and working in a suburb of Akron, I made the acquaintance of Dr. Warner Mendenhall, Jr. (but he’s the senior for this post) … I did some work on his mayoral campaign. Besides being a kindred spirit in our ability to discuss sailing, he was a good customer and became a friend. Years have passed and I’ve only talk to Warner a few times in the past 5 years, but a short news segment with his son caught my eye. He was on the Fox News Bill Hemmer program (he’s Cincinnati guy) discussing a case he was handling for his client … his wife.

Mayor MendenhallThe younger Warner Mendenhall is a noteworthy attorney in Akron who is known for his ‘watchdogging’ of government; Mr. Mendenhall has also shown local politic ambitions running for mayor of Akron. The case he is handling for his wife has to do with challenging the traffic light photo tickets — it is to be heard by the Ohio Supreme Court later this year. (see Class Action Complaint filed in Summit County’s common pleas court)
Warner MendenhallOhio drivers have probably noticed the use of cameras on traffic lights, but what many might not know is that they are set up to mail tickets to car owners who’s cars have been spotted driving through red lights. I’m not sure how tightly they are calibrated (photo immediately after the light turns from yellow to red?) but I know that even I have passed under a light that has just turned red. That noted, I’m guessing my wife and teen drivers might have done the same … yet all the cars are registered in my name. Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this? If not, check out the short interview below and ask yourself, “should the registered owner of the car receive a violation and fine?”



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