Unusual USB devices: Knee warmers

Posted By on March 22, 2007

Heated kneepadsJust when you thought ‘geeks’ couldn’t get any odder, they do. Computer users with a couple spare USB ports can now sit comfortably wearing “Heated Kneepads.” Yes, USB powered kneepads that can be warn to keep those cold knees warm on a winter day. How many people have you heard complaining about cold knees??? (but then I don’t wear a dress?)

This brings me to an issue I have with my new notebook … its hot even at the powersaver setting! I’m talking ‘knee burning’ or should I say ‘sterilizing‘ hot. (in more ways than just sanitary … if you get my drift) I thought all this talk about hot notebook computers was an over statement but that’s obviously not the case. Perhaps and experiment is in order … time to get out the thermometer.


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