The Virgin Islands welcome Donna Lange

Posted By on March 28, 2007

Marina Cay, Tortola - BVI
Although I’ve written before about solo sailing nightingale Donna Lange and her impressive skills as a sailor and musician, I wanted to update that today she is navigating through the Virgin Islands — a detour from her original ‘direct to Rhode Island’ course. Perhaps later today, or early Thursday, she will be setting the hook at Marina Cay (aerial photo above) at the northeast corner of Tortola. Donna’s around the world sail has brought her full circle already, although she’s not calling it finished until her planned mid-April homecoming in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Donna LangeIn recent log entries and emails, her disposition is excellent … even though she been playing grease-monkey working on her cantankerous diesel engine. Sailboat engines are notoriously the curse of boat ownership … driving some to turn engines into mooring anchors. When running, a well maintained auxiliary can keep batteries topped and make navigating tight quarters, strong currents or zero wind significantly safer. The ace mechanic in this situation was at least able to get the engine running, but she still needs some knowledgeable help — any diesel guru looking for and excuse to go to the Virgin Islands? Hopefully she’ll be able to coax a friend over to diagnose and possibly fix her electrical/starter problem. Fortunately for Donna the winds have been excellent and have pushed “Inspired Insanity” quickly; Donna and her boat have logged over 100 nautical miles almost everyday since departing Cape Horn in late January. (see plots and logs) I know she is enjoying the last months of her voyage, but I detect an anxious tone in wanting to get home. Fair winds Ms. Lange.

EDIT: Noted by Donna 3/28/2007 – “This morning held a lovely sunrise, St. Maarten in the foreground. By dusk tonight, I should have a full shadow of all of the Virgins, just 20nm ahead. I will drop an anchor in the night at a very accessible beach just north of the Baths on Virgin Gorda, just inside the channel where Neil V will meet me in the morning. If i get delayed with light winds we will catch up at Marina Cay.”

Wrecked PlaneInteresting aside:
While pinning Donna’s track while approaching the islands on Google Earth (18°17’8.06″N 62°56’50.41″W), I spotted and interesting plane crash near Anguilla. Clicking the photo to the right will open a large screenshot of Google Earth and the photos someone pinned to the wreckage. Interesting ehh?


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