Stormy skies & Lakota East High School Prom

Posted By on April 29, 2007

Last weeks storms:
I’m a bit slow to post the drive home storm photos from last week, but will put a few thumbnails below … it was a nasty bit of weather, although the above clouds were more ominous to look at than to drive through. (click for larger)

Storm1 . . . Storm2 . . . Storm3
Lakota East High School Prom 2007:
I’m hesitant to include photos of my handsome son with his date on this public forum or to post any of his friends, but believe me … they all looked great.

Taylor LE Prom 2007I’ll just keep the gallery of photos private, but for those who are interested or have reason to want a copy (ie. they’re of your kids), I’ll email a link to the photos if you would like to see them, although by now I’m sure Taylor has forwarded whatever was necessary? The group of 24 friends gathered at the Pan’s house in West Chester for photos and hors d’oeuvre before taking a couple of limos down to the Northern Kentucky Convention center for the prom which ended at midnight. Of course the night had just started as the ‘prison’ (aka: High School – construction photos coming) had been turned in to a ‘cruise ship’ with fun and game galore. They had a great time — I only wish my proms were half as fun as what they are today.
I’m thankful my son has such a decent group of young people as friends. He has selected well … or did they pick him? Whichever, I thankful they are his friends and enjoy talking with them, in fact enjoyed the conversations about the prom and after-prom with several of them this morning. A bunch of them crashed at our house when the after-prom was finally over — they arrived to our house at 5:00AM and slept until about noon … all but one who had to be up to play in his church band this morning. (I feel for you Seth … I still think I would have tried to find a replacement?)
LEHS Prom Group 2007


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