Gas prices higher than diesel/biodiesel today

Posted By on April 26, 2007

Duke gasooline signFilled up as usual at the exit 151 Mt. Gilead I-71 renewable fuel Sunoco station (B-20 = $2.83) after noticing quite the jump in gasoline prices today. Many of the stations along the Interstate were at $2.99 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline as reports of low US gasoline inventories frightened futures traders. I suspect that report on Wednesday from the Energy Department along with hurricane season, summer driving and reports of partial shutdowns at four major U.S. refineries are raising concerns and uncertainty.

Where will this all pan out? Some say we’re on the way to $4.00 gasoline this summer, while others seem encouraged that there is plenty of crude oil supply around the world and with the news from the EU/Iran discussion going better, some say we’ll at a high right now. See an article by Associated Press writer John Wilen for a professional view on energy.
Sunoco x151 biodiesel
That aside, its been quite sometime since we’ve seen diesel and biodiesel lower than gasoline … think it will last? I doubt it, but since I’m driving a Volkswagen TDI and getting 45 miles per gallon I’m not complaining too much.


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