Jawbone: The Best Bluetooth Headset I’ve used

Posted By on May 14, 2007

JawboneWow … I’m totally impressed after only one day of using the Jawbone Bluetooth Headset, so far its great. (audio MP3 link — my ‘real life’ test)

After struggling to find a bluetooth headset for use with my Palm Treo 700p, I’ve finally found one that I can finally recommend. As someone who spends part of each week traveling, I find it usefully to be able to make clear and professional phone calls while in a car or in a “less than ideal office” environment.

In my tests, I used a fairly noisy car and after trying the highly rated and minuscule Jabra JX10 (about $100) … I have found it sorely lacking. Its ability to connect reliably with my PDA/phone — partly the Treo 700p’s fault — and that fact that its microphone is ‘super sensitive’ has found me not bothering to even travel with it. In fact, I even switched back to a low cost generic Motorola Bluetooth headset that I pick up for $20. It actually works better, but its still not a very good choice in my opinion; its doesn’t work all that well with my phone and still has problems in a small car — too much background noise. I eventually have gone back to just holding the phone or using my tangled wired headset for longer phone calls. (my retractable Seidio Earbud Headphones broke)

Motorola CockroachAfter watching the video clip on the Jawbone site, I though … “hmm, if this is for real, it will be worth the $100 ‘discounted’ price.” So far I have no regrets, although it is a bit more clumsy and less robust than the popular Motorola ‘cockroach’ Bluetooth headset … although very comfortable to wear. I still haven’t figured out the best way to carry it without leaving it ‘hanging’ from the ear, but in the car I’ve found the Treo 700p’s stub antenna a worthwhile hook! (the shirt pocket works okay, but I’ve already leaned over and dropped it on a tile floor!)

Jawbone hooked on the Treo 700p


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