How many Raccoons in a litter?

Posted By on June 8, 2008

Raccoon Baby Number 3

The challenge of removing raccoons from our attic continues as varmit number 5 has been trapped today. (click above ‘texturized’ image for real photo) I’ll continue to reset the trap, but wonder just how many babies are in this litter. There have been three babies so far, plus two adults. See earlier post.

I’m beginning to wonder about the mom and dad raccoon as I’ve trapped two adults and saw a third ‘larger’ one which was chased up a tree in our backyard. Unfortunately it was 11:30 at night when I spotted Tootsie sitting under the smallish rosebud tree; I pondered just what I should do? It was too late to “make a noise” (ie. ‘bang’) and I couldn’t reach very easily an attempt to knock him/her out with a pole. I’m not sure is a smart thing anyway? Have you ever faced an angry raccoon — they are nasty, at least when I’ve had them in the live traps. Anyway, I’m all ears for opinions on how many I’ll continue to trap. I suppose I’ll keep resets the trap until they are all gone?

Raccoon Baby


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