Save the Farm … continued …

Posted By on June 9, 2006

South Central FarmA few days ago I posted a comment in regard to what a group citizens and activist were doing to preserve a flourishing Los Angeles, California green space call the South Central Farm. The newest video blog was release yesterday is reminiscent of the 1960s, but adds a little technology with a slide show of photos, music and web based video of the 14 acres of productive city land they are trying to save. For one I’m impress what a productive piece of land this acreage is in the middle of Urban development and how the community and variety of supporters are doing what they can to keep this impressive community farm productive. For as much money cities spend on creating and preserving green spaces, this is “a park” that would be maintained by the citizens without the regular maintenance that 99% of other green spaces require. Keeping this land for gardens would seem to be a good thing if there is a way to make everybody happy?

I also realized that the current landowner (no matter the political strings he pulled to get this land back) has a right to profit from the transactions, but I hope that there is a way business finance, city planning, community citizens can equitably use it for garden verses warehouses. This currently is obviously productive city property. Maybe all can come together to ‘save the farm?’


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