More fun with the Palm Pre and GPS in car use

Posted By on June 8, 2009

My new smartphone, the Palm Pre, is growing on me and although I’m slow to change the smooth skipping stone of a phone is growing on me. Productivity with it is not happening just yet since the keyboard layout has change over the Treo and Centro line (moved some keys around). I’m am surprised how much I miss the 4-way nav button on the Treo … or even a track ball (which wears rather quickly BTW according to users) on the Blackberries. Still, just like the iPhone, people can get use to sticking their fat finger between type or pinpointing  a small icon — I’m learning.

Palm Pre

I’ve made a few corrections in the comment area of yesterday’s post since I’ve since improve my ‘editing’ (copy/paste) with type; you hold the shift key down and finger swipe the area, then orange (opt) key with  ‘x, ‘c’ or ‘v’ key to cut, copy and paste.

Palm Pre with Treo mount

I’ve also posted a photo (with the packing skin still on!) running the excellent GPS and Google Maps. Sprint also packages their app called Sprint Navigation which is really good. Thankfully my old Treo windshield holder fits the Pre almost perfectly for GPS use … now to figure out how to rig a “Touchstone-like” induction charger to my holder! (keep me posted if you see them showing up or I’m liable to make my own)

One of the many improvement over other smartphones is that the Pre and Web OS can run multiple apps … probably as the sacrifice of battery life. In my testing, I was able to run the GPS mapping and talk on the phone keeping 9 cards open. Unfortunately that was my limit.

Palm Pre 9 apps is the limit today

Connected at Wendy’s WiFi in above photo


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