2009 VW TDI Sportwagen at SEMA Show

Posted By on November 2, 2007

2009 VW Sportwagen TDI Front
I don’t think I’m the only one who starts to salivate when looking at the photos and specs of the new 2009 Volkswagen TDI ‘clean diesel‘ Sportwagen being displayed at the Las Vegas SEMA Show. It is a really attractive small/midsize car that has is bound to have significant interest from Volkwagen TDI advocates. For me, after years of seeing SUVs and Crossover SUVs, the new VW Sportwagen makes me like station wagons again — I’ve owned several in years past: Volvo 245, Chevrolet Caprice Classic wagon and even a ‘vinyl wood sided’ Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser wagon!

2009 VW Sportwagen TDI Side
This particular Sportwagen is ‘soon to arrive’ in the spring of 2008 with a 2.0 liter 140 HP TDI diesel delivers 235 pound-feet of torque. (ask a diesel owner and he will tell you “it all about torque.”) Fuel economy should be near 50 mpg highway … something I miss dearly since selling my 2003 Jetta TDI. The show car is a bit dolled up but isn’t all that far from stock. It offers some ideas as to how one might customize the car, after all this is the Specialty Equipment Market Association show. The displayed TDI Sportwagen sports 19 inch Sportec alloy wheels, performance tires from Yokohama and a styling package. The 2009 model also has ‘blue’ Brembo brakes and H&R springs which lower the height All in all, I can’t wait to see this car!
2009 VW Sportwagen TDI Rear

EDIT: See VW Press Release.
EDIT 11/2/2007: Another Showcase PR release with photo links.


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