Motorweek reviews the 2008 Volkswagen R32

Posted By on November 20, 2007

R32I’ve posted previously that I’ve ogled the limited edition Volkswagen R32, but haven’t had a chance to compare it to other small performance hatchbacks … including its close cousin the GTI. The gang over at the long running PBS automotive program Motorweek did, and they ran the R32 it through their consistent battery of road testing. Although the VW R32 is probably the most fun of the little VeeDubs to drive, it still doesn’t have the ‘stock’ performance that can be found in pricey European sports cars or their lower priced (and less respected) Asian rivals. The R32 seemed a bit slow (if you call a 0-60 six second time slow) in the straight line testing and stopped a few feet longer than what I would have expected. Although I do envy the all-wheel drive pocket rocket from VW, I’m just as happy zipping around in a chipped-TDI or our stock GTI. (11/17/2007 Motorweek Episode clip below)


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