Sonex Builder/Pilot make a hard but safe landing

Posted By on December 7, 2007

Sonex Hard Landing
Fellow experimental airplane Sonex builder Bob Abbaticchio of Florida had just installed some new instruments and returned from testing the gear on Thursday, when he came in too low at the New Smyrna Beach airport (KEVB). According to Bob, an experienced airman and former Air Force pilot, he lined up to land on Runway 2 and said “I did not realize that I was landing on a runway with 1000 ft, displaced theshold,” the marking of which he says are barely visible. The long displaced threshold is because of the large tree at the end of the runway.

Bob Abbaticchio eventually realized that he would clip the large oak branches and attempted to pull up and add power as he caught the top of the tree. He fortunately was able to level the wings and bring the plane down hard on the grass, but the impact tore off the landing gear and damaged his prop. As Bob said, “At least I came in flat or I would have cartwheeled into the trees.”
New Smyrna Beach airport notes
On another topic … let’s remember our ‘greatest generation’ WWII veterans and the event that triggered entry into the war back on December 7th, 1941 sixty-six years ago. (see 2006 and 2005 posts)


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