Volkswagen + Chrysler?

Posted By on December 10, 2007

VW ChyslerInteresting: A partnership between Volkswagen and Chrysler for at least one product looks to already be happening — it has people wondering what could be next?

VW Touran

Chrysler, VW Getting Closer?
VW talking up more N.A. production
The ink is hardly dry on the Chrysler-Daimler divorce papers, but already, another German carmaker could be waiting in the wings for the American carmaker.

David Cole, chairman of the Center For Automotive Research, said competition is forcing automakers to consider options they might not have contemplated only twelve months ago.

“There is going to be another round of mergers in the auto industry and the one company that matches up well with Volkswagen is Chrysler,” he noted.

Volkswagen already has a joint project with Chrysler to develop a new minivan, which will be assembled by Chrysler in the next couple of years and will be sold in the U.S.

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