The Palm Centro — a Timex® like cellphone

Posted By on August 7, 2008

Stephen HuffHere’s a great cellphone story that was published over at the more national Palm blog, but it actually comes from my neck of the woods. The customer email praises the durability of the Centro, which reflects politively on at least one of Palms’ designs; both my wife and daughter should feel good to have such a solid little smartphone. They are also in significant company since 2-million Centros have been sold in less than a year!

Takes a licking, keeps on clicking

Built-in QWERTY keyboard: check.
One-hand navigation: check.
Instant ringer-off switch: check.
Ability to survive a fall from a super-duper roller coaster ride followed by a drenching in the pouring rain: check?

It wasn’t exactly in the product spec, but one Palm Centro user in Ohio shared this story about how his Centro survived all that and still works as good as new.

I own a Palm Centro through Sprint and wanted to tell you how amazingly well it’s made. On Friday, I was at our local amusement park, King’s Island. While on a roller coaster, my Palm Centro fell out of my pocket, flew through the air, and landed on the roof of a building.

When I got off the ride, I told the workers about it and they said they would get it after the park closed. A half-hour after I lost my Palm Centro, a torrential thunderstorm swept in and soaked my unprotected phone. I knew it was ruined.

On Monday afternoon, I drove back to King’s Island and checked in the Lost & Found to see if they had recovered my phone. They had! I took it home, charged it up, and believe it or not, it’s as good as new.

You should be really proud of your product. I’m so glad I chose the Palm Centro for my phone.

-Stephen H.


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