Congress reports that they have a plan

Posted By on September 28, 2008

reid paulsen
As I watch a bit of news before bed early Sunday morning, congress negotiators look to have come up with a ‘bailout’ plan. The whole group of leaders are walking out smiling at 12:28 AM and Nancy Pelosi announced that they have a “package to stabilize markets” and “protect citizens and taxpayer.” They still need to commit it to paper, but they in discussion have reached an agreement. Harry Reid spoke next and mentioned the “breakthrough” came at about 11:30PM. He was complimentary of all participates and will make a more detailed announcement Sunday, but in handing off to Treasury Secretary Paulsen, he indicated that he was positive that “we are there and so far so good.”

So as they turn in tonight and their staff work though the night, the should have a final announcement tomorrow. Minority Whip of the House, Roy Blunt, said that he believes they will have something tomorrow that will work when he presents to his colleagues tomorrow.


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