VW and MB slow to adopt biodiesel B20 standard

Posted By on September 23, 2008

TDI badge redOnce upon a time back in 2007, Volkswagen TDI advocates anticipated factory warranty coverage for higher blends of biodiesel — its not happening as of 2008 or from the looks of things, for the new 2009 ‘clean diesel‘ TDIs. We had been told that ADM and VWoA were contemplating B20 as an acceptable blend (they were testing it), unfortunately based on reports from AutoBlogGreen and their question to VW communications director Steve Keyes, Volkswagen is “not prepare to support B20 use.”

It looks as if there is yet another slowdown in acceptance of the B20 target for commercial biodiesel fuel as neither Volkswagen or Mercedes Benz is ready to approve B20. The concerns from manufacturers is that “the higher bio concentrations will result in excessive ash build-up in the particulate filter and other issues,” according to the AutoBlogGreen report. So as of Fall 2008, those of you running percentages higher than B5 (5% biodiesel) in your new MB BlueTec and VW TDI “clean diesel” vehicles might want to take note of the factory position in regard to biodiesel percentages — stick with B5 for full warranty coverage or you may be on you own when dealing with ‘fuel related’ engine and exhaust after treatment problems.


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