Ice fishermen stranded on Lake Erie

Posted By on February 7, 2009

Lake Erie Rescue

I grew up in a commercial fishing and cottage community on Lake Erie just east from the Crane Creek State Park (label on the map below) and fondly remember ice fishing every winter. As a family we enjoyed recreation on the frozen lake from playing hockey to  fishing, ice boating and snowmobiling.  It was a big part of  my youth and my brother.

MapOn Saturday, the memories of thawing ice came racing back as I watched a rescue of a few ice fisherman off the lake not far from my old house. The strong wind and warming temperatures helped to break the ice from shore and stranded as many as 500 fishermen about 1000 yards offshore. Most made it back to shore on their own, but several required rescue. Unfortunately a couple ended up in the frigid water and one who was flown to the hospital died. By Saturday evening the Coast Guard reported that after rescuig 134 people that everyone was off the lake.


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