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Posted By on May 20, 2009

Coffee Beans & Brew Monroe Ohio

It is long past due that I mention that a friend’s second coffee shop location for Coffee Beans & Brew in Monroe, Ohio location is open for business. Steve’s first CBB is on Yankee Road near the Cincinnati-Dayton Road intersection in Liberty Township has been one of my favorite coffee houses and I’ve been anxious to see the new location since I’ve been looking at the drawings and discussing the plans with him for over a year.

I’m sure most of the flavored coffees and fancy cappuccinos are fine, but I enjoy regular coffee or the full flavored Kauai coffee beans to brew at home. The local favorite seems to be Buckeye Brew which I mix with Swiss Water Decaf about half and half so I can have a second 16 oz cup … although find that the homemade milkshakes and fruit smoothies hard to resist  in the summer. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and is a great place to meet friends and clients, but perhaps the most appealing feature at the moment is that neither location is terribly crowded. It does make it a convenient and quite place to connect to WiFi or just finish up morning or end of the day paperwork. Both locations are spotless and have friendly staff; for those who prefer a drive thru, the Monroe location has one and is only a short mile to I-75.  Stop by and say hello to Steve … or look around for me.

Coffee Beans & Brew Liberty Twp Ohio Location


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