Day 13: Vigo and Baiona, Spain

Posted By on July 24, 2009

Casto CastleIt seems like a long time ago, but as I write this post it has only been about a week since we were in Spain. Our last port of call was the city of Vigo, Spain.

The west coast city and metro area is home to a half a million people with historic Kingdom of Galicia roots (one of the first kingdoms of Europe). Our day started rainy (first and only of the trip) although the mist was really not all that bad. We has some clearing as we climbed (by bus) the steep hill to the Monte do Castro estate. Although we didn’t tour the estate, we did enjoy views of the city and coastline from a park at significant elevation from sea level … and yes according to our driver, this is the Castrelos district and “Castro” family is the one known to westerners as Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

View from Monte do Castro

Billboards in Vigo

Vigo has all the business of a working class city, with billboards, car dealerships and industry. The housing is apartment complex oriented for a large segment here in Vigo and for those who appreciate urban living wouldn’t be a problem … but for many of us who appreciate elbow room, rural and suburban living … life here would be a big change.

Baiona Spain

The weather began to improve as we worked our way to Baiona,  a tourist community which has beaches and restaurants. The people living in the cities and from around Spain and Europe regularly vacation in this area and shops and restaurants along the waterfront cater to them. The tides and shoreline remind me a bit of the northeastern part of the US, as do the boats.

Sign for BaionaStatue

We hiked up to the statue that welcomes sailors home from the sea which has been its tradition since they were first to hear the news that Columbus discovered America. There is a replica of the Pinta (ship that returned) in the harbor that also marks Baiona’s notoriety.

Pinta replica

Brenda and Katelyn sailing on the Pinta
Photo needs a caption: “Land-Ho” — Katelyn and Brenda “sailing” the Pinta

Sailing the Pinta Working on the Pinta

Sir Frances Drake, the famous English sea captain is also notorious in Baiona … but as a pirate that they called El Draque that the town repelled in 1585.

Mussel digging

The weather was still a bit damp as we walked through the town and watched locals dig for clams … or probably mussels. The town was beautiful and with the old building, walls, statues and bridges being maintained so well, it would be a nice place to re-visit. We took back roads which offered gorgeous seaside views on the way back, as well as old churches and bridges (below).

Old Bridge from Baiona to Vigo

Once back to the city of Vigo it was more industry and city living, with a mix of old businesses and buildings being restored. Many of the old structures are re-habs of the old fishing houses along the harbor. A little renovation would go along way.

Port view

Back on the ship and headed for Southampton and our flight home. BTW, this was the only port where I noticed ‘free’ wifi in the port area. Unfortunately it was so heavily used that it was practically unusable, although I did make some Skype to phone calls using my “convoluted” method.

Puerto de Vigo
Palm Pre photo from NCL Jade at Puerto De Vigo – click for larger



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