The old luggage tag hint applies to GPS units too

Posted By on September 29, 2009

GPS HomeHere’s a safety tip that came from aDear Heloiseclipping set to me by none other than my mom;  no matter how old I am she never stops being a mom.  Actually I don’t think she was really thinking about me, but most likely my son and daughter …  so I’ll forward them the newspaper clipping ‘as instructed’ when I’m done posting.

The lesson I learned years ago about “not putting you home address on luggage tags” is a practice GPS safetythat might be a good idea to apply to some of our electronic devices too. Just as hotel and airline luggage  may signal an unscrupulous character that someone is  away from home,  a cellphone or portable GPS unit can do the same and  make it pretty easy to locate HOME if such a waypoint is stored in memory.

I’ve listened to ‘mom’ when it comes to my luggage tags by including only my office address on all of our family’s luggage, but I haven’t been quite as careful with my cell phone database and definitely haven’t given much thought to precisely locating “HOME” in our GPS devices.

BTW, happy Birthday Mom. :mrgreen:


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