Don’t eat a lot, but drink and be merry this holiday season

Posted By on December 22, 2009

It’s not all bad news as we wrap up 2009.  Americans have been criticized for their unhealthy eating habits and rightly so, but there are a few abused items that are getting a green light. The silver lining for those who drink, is that studies are suggesting that certain favorite drinks are medically helpful, some could even prove to be cancer fighters.

I cheered the other day when an Australian coffee and tea study came out suggesting that those who drank 4 cups a day had a 25 per cent reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, and that those drinking more than six cups a day had a 40 per cent risk reduction. This is really great news for me as Smiling Coffee CupI put a new coffee maker on my Christmas list! For those not coffee or tea addicts, you’ve not been left out either. It seems another overseas study suggests that drinking beer may help men ward off prostate cancer (not much science behind it though). As if that’s not good enough, how about you heavy drinkers … well you can just point to a Spanish study suggesting that men who drink alcohol have a least a third lower incidents of coronary heart disease than non-drinkers.

So there you have it … don’t eat, but drink and be merry this holiday season!


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