Looking forward to reading Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

Posted By on December 23, 2009

It was great to have an annual Christmas exchange lunch yesterday in this ‘slower than usual’ week before Christmas. Thanks to my friend Jeff, who knows me well,Pirate Latitudes I now have a new book — Pirate Latitudes — a perfect gift selection for me.

Pirate Latitudes was written by best selling author, and one of my favorite fiction adventure writers, Michael Crichton. At the time of his death on November 4, 2008, this book was one of a couple that were left unpublished, and perhaps unfinished, on his computer. His publisher, Harper Collins, has edited this work and is publishing the books posthumously.

Pirate Latitudes was supposedly written back in the mid- to late-1990’s and was being considered to be the basis of a videogame. The adventure story sets a pirate named Hunter with the governor of Jamaica in a plot to raid a Spanish galleon’s treasure. According to reviews, the novel was well researched and has “great detail about navigation and how pirates operated.” Thanks again Jeff, I’m looking forward to escaping my recent trend of reading military history and Afghanistan strategy books and turning to the more enjoyable “factual fiction” reading.


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