Patched Palm Pre to run at 800mhz; so far so good

Posted By on April 9, 2010


The weekend has arrived none too soon and I’m securely at home and safe to patch my Palm Pre. I’ve been anxious to see how well it runs with the processor clock speed boosted to 800mhz. I know I’ll need to be careful when overtaxing the processor, but knowing Scott Bilik reads this once in a while and has worked with mobile palmpremytetherafter800patchprocessors, perhaps he can offer up a few pointers on theTexas Instruments OMAP3430 processor found in the Palm Pre. Stock it runs at 500mhz, and  does get hot when  I’m using MyTether to connect my notebook via WiFi … especially if I’m charging. So now that I’m up to 800mhz I’ll be extra cautious.

After doing about a 15 minute test, I can tell you it is much, MUCH faster in launching application and navigating between functions. Switching program to program is as fast as as finger swish. Emails load much fast as does the camera and photos. Where I really notice improvement is in how quickly images display to the screen. All in all, I hope this continues to work well.

As I write and post this, I’m testing MyTether with a WiFi Sprint connection. It’s running just fine and is actually faster in downloading by over 400Mbps compared with my last test on InternetFrog. (doesn’t always tell the story though)


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