Sly as a Fox: Or is it just ‘genius’ in Apple’s case?

Posted By on June 7, 2010

While watching smartphones and connected portable devices (tablets and pads) continue to take center stage in the technology world, it is interesting to contemplate the marketing and “name recognition” angle.  I spotted a forum post sensing that Steve Jobs of Apple knew exactly what he was doing in releasing their new iPhone 4G (4th generation) near the same time as Sprints first 4G (WiMax) HTC EVO phone launch.

Sprint needs to QUICKLY figure out how to talk about 4G in a manner that the public sees as different than iPhone 4G, or they will lose the "First 4G phone on the first 4G network" marketing spin to the mighty Apple marketing monster. Think it’s an accident that Apple launched iPhone 4G just as Sprint launched their 4G (WiMAX) phone??? Jobs is a genius…

EDIT: Adding an iPhone 4 video:


  • Important distinction… iPhone 4G was only a rumored name, and wasn’t even considered plausible as the actual name. It’s the iPhone 4, no G.

  • Chuckling at “of all people” Eric would be making the Apple “distinction” (see Eric’s “Apple loving” blog … too funny. Thanks for the comment.

    On the other hand, iPhone 4 may not have reach everyone looking at the 4th generation iPhone … just a few hits on Google.

  • Alan

    My wife has an iPhone and she’ll be chomping at the bit to buy a new iPhone be it 4 or 4G. It won’t matter to her!

  • Roger of WC

    Maybe I should wait for the iPhone? (just asked about the Android phones the other day????)

  • At least in my opinion, the only real advantage to the new iPhone over high-end Android phones, nowadays, is the display.

    Disadvantages? The walled garden, Apple’s anti-user, anti-developer practices, the fact that half the thing is made of glass (yes, I know, it’s apparently flexible glass,) no user-replaceable battery, no keyboard (then again, that applies to most of the high-end Android phones, too,) and AT&T.

    That display will end up in other stuff eventually, though.

  • Will people with a 4g be able to interact with other users on apps on their 3g’s?

  • Thank you very much for posting all of the great content! Looking forward to checking out more posts!

  • Seeing a more indepth look into the Apple iPhone 4 beyond the glory and assumptions, cell phone owners are now realizing that the new “phone” is turning out to be an awesome expensive paperweight. Failed calls are now occuring more frequently, it is inevitablely turning out to be a strange antenna issue straight from Apple. There was a class action lawsuit filed only 6 days after release accusing Apple and AT&T on numerous terms of negligence.

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