Sly as a Fox: Or is it just ‘genius’ in Apple’s case?

Posted By on June 7, 2010


While watching smartphones and connected portable devices (tablets and pads) continue to take center stage in the technology world, it is interesting to contemplate the marketing and “name recognition” angle.  I spotted a forum post sensing that Steve Jobs of Apple knew exactly what he was doing in releasing their new iPhone 4G (4th generation) near the same time as Sprints first 4G (WiMax) HTC EVO phone launch.

Sprint needs to QUICKLY figure out how to talk about 4G in a manner that the public sees as different than iPhone 4G, or they will lose the "First 4G phone on the first 4G network" marketing spin to the mighty Apple marketing monster. Think it’s an accident that Apple launched iPhone 4G just as Sprint launched their 4G (WiMAX) phone??? Jobs is a genius…

EDIT: Adding an iPhone 4 video:


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