Bengals – Ravens and tackling the quarterback

Posted By on September 20, 2010

During a football follow-up discussion this morning, a client and I debated a call that penalized the Baltimore Ravens during Cincinnati’s 15-10 win yesterday. As a Bengals fan wanting to keep quarterback roughingthepasser100919Carson Palmer healthy, I’m sensitive as to how aggressively he is driven to the ground, but can also sympathize with those believing Sunday’s 4th quarter tackle by Terrell Suggs  was legitimate.

In the play in question, the Cincinnati Bengals gained a first down after Terrell Suggs ‘looked’ to the referee on the field to have lifted Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer before driving him on his back to the turf. The Cincinnati first down enabled them to score and with time running out hold the lead to win the game. In hindsight, the call could have gone either way.

Perhaps more interesting to me was the reaction of Raven’s head coach John Harbaugh – his sideline reaction has me wondering just when it is appropriate to make contact with an official? (see snippet below)

[flv:NFL_hitref100919.flv 445 308]


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