Working on home projects and watching football

Posted By on September 19, 2010

baldcypress_4382 The last weekend of summer was a little muscle taxing as Brenda and I worked around the house on a few overdue yard and home projects. Along with the yard work, we also pick up a few new perennial plants that were marked down as well as a new tree.  This year’s tree is a Bald Cypress which required some chiseling into soil; the ground did not yield easily, to even my sharpest shovel.

Besides the yard work I also tackle my showervalverepaired_4378long overdue dripping shower. I thought it was going to be simple to replace the worn rubber seals, but the lime build-up and corrosion turn this 45 minute project into something three times as long … of course this could have been partially due due to watching football on Sunday afternoon? The Bengals did beat the Ravens bring their record to 1-1 for the 2010 season, so all is good. I also refrained from wearing my old Houzmanzada Bengals jersey since TJ is now a Raven – too bad Cincinnati couldn’t get him back?

As Hurricane IGOR approaches Bermuda over night, I’ll be watching the news having recently visited. (Vacation posts: One, Two, Three, Four and Five)


Sunday night photo of St George near Customs Building as surge flows ashore.



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