Al Gore ‘left car engine running during hour-long environmental lecture’

Posted By on October 29, 2010

This is not the first time Al Gore has left fellow environmentalist wondering if the so called ‘Global Warming’ spokesman walks the talk. Hypocrite?

Green-minded campaigner Al Gore has been left red-faced after being accused of leaving his car running for almost an hour while he gave a lecture on sustainable development.

It is alleged that Gore made the gaffe while he spoke at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden on Wednesday.

His mistake was compounded further by the fact that he had asked his distinguished guests to attend the event by public transport in order to minimize CO2 emissions.

However, environmental website Climate Depot alleges that he arrived in a rental car from the airport and did not shut off the engine while he spoke.

Swedish law prohibits – for environmental reasons – any car engine being left running without its driver for more than 60 seconds.

The fines for breaking that law are severe but it appears Gore has not been fined.

Despite his active environmental campaigning, the former U.S. Vice President Gore has been criticised by other environmental campaigners in his career.

On this occasion he was accused of ‘stupidity and hypocrisy’ by Marc Morano, Executive Editor of the Climate Depot website.

Gore is now co-founder and Chairman of Generation Investment Management, a firm focuses on a new approach to sustainable investing.

He is the author of An Inconvenient Truth, a best-selling book and hit documentary on the threat of global warming.

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