Another sunny day on the beach with B-17 Liberty Belle fly over

Posted By on October 31, 2010

shells101029The final day of our mini-vacation was spent in the sun and ocean. We relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine and warm wind. The waves were large enough to make the body surfing fun as Brenda and I soaked up the last few hours before getting ready to head for home. While I loafed reading a book, Brenda practiced her long distance swimming by stroking through the large waves for an hour … this kind of marathon swimming still impresses me.

One of the more interesting treats of the day was a beach flyover by the large 4-engine B-17 Flying Fortress known as the Liberty Belle. (Palm Pre photo Below) According to the south Florida paper Sun-Sentinel, the restored World War II era aircraft is one of 14 still flying. The paper also commented that the “Liberty Belle never saw combat, having been built toward the end of the war. It was named after a plane that flew 64 missions in Europe with the 390th Bomb Group. That plane crash landed in Europe and was too damaged to restore.”



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