Test encoding a 30 second video from a Canon 5d MarkII

Posted By on October 18, 2010

My friend Jeff is a very fortunate amateur photographer since he is one of the few who own a fantastic Canon 5d Mark II. Although I only canon5dmarkiihad a few minutes to play with it over lunch the other day, I enjoyed tinkering with the buttons and menus (there’s a big learning curve). He has already shot the candid photos for a friends wedding, some night shots of Minneapolis MN  and was out to a local lake this weekend looking for autumn color. Although ‘stills’ are the primary goal for most photographers opting for a high end DSLR, this camera does an outstanding job with video too. It is one of the few digital single lens reflex cameras that can take video (more coming) and has even been used in Hollywood to film a TV series – the final 2009 season episode of “House” was filmed with the Canon d50 Mark II. So … I was curious just how well I could take a 1920 x 1080 video clip and encode it as a flash video so it will stream on my blog. He obliged and sent me a 30 second clip from this weekend at Cowan Lake. Thanks Jeff.


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