Perfect fall weather weekend for home chores

Posted By on October 17, 2010

Farm “art” in Trenton Ohio

Brenda and I spent the weekend around home doing fall chores, watching a little football and driving over to Oxford, Ohio to visit Taylor at Miami. Our “to-do” list included shuffling a few of our pieces of art in order to make room for a couple new prints that have finally been delivered from our  Bermuda trip this past summer.  I cut and trimmed up the lawn (with leaves) on Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon painting the cupola on top of the garage (I didn’t fall). Besides tuning into a few NFL games (Bengals had a ‘bye’ week) and currently watching the NLCS Phillies and Giants game, we drove over to see our son for lunch. (Steak and Shake manager teased Taylor and brought him a “Coke” in a tiny cup – photo below. It gave us all a good laugh and smile) 



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