Roz Savage – National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year

Posted By on December 14, 2010


Congratulation Roz (previous posts) … you are National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year for 2010. (and she’s working on another book about rowing the Pacific)

Arrival-Uhl-0011The Rower
Roz Savage solo rowed the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans—the first woman ever to do so.
Before she rowed across two oceans, Roz Savage was a management consultant, working 14-hour days in London. “There has to be something more adventurous,” she thought. “I’m not getting any younger. Why not get on with it?” So she did. In 2005, Savage paddled the Atlantic in 103 days, battling several storms in one of the worst seas on record. This year, paddling to increase awareness of the ocean’s plight and show the extraordinary impact one person can have when they set their mind to something, the 42-year-old completed an 8,000-mile, three-part row across the Pacific. After 250 days and 2.5 million oarstrokes, she reached Madang, Papua New Guinea, on June 3, becoming the first woman ever to solo row across the largest ocean in the world. In 2011, Savage will set out to row 5,000 miles across the Indian Ocean.
—By Ryan Bradley


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