MyTether on webOS 1.5.5 for the Palm Pre is working again

Posted By on January 25, 2011

After switching to Verizon’s webOS Mobile Hotspot on my Sprint connected Palm Pre in order to be able to tether my phone, I had all but given up on MyTether. Although I’m not an everyday “tether-er” … having the ability to connect my notebook computer to the Internet in a pinch is important. Thankfully Raja (the developer) has updated his Java coded program and MyTether  is working once again. In the email I received, Raja also talked with some encouragement that he is making an effort to program a “C ” version in order to keep MyTether working once webOS 2.0 is installed on HP/Palm devices. I’m hopeful future updates will be successful before webOS 2.0 is ready to be installed on my Palm Pre (that is if it ever becomes available).


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