A roof over your head … and one over your boat(s)

Posted By on March 23, 2011

The Winns’ residence in Charlevoix, Michigan has a “modest” boathouse and in viewing the video, they have a couple nice boats to put in it too (HGTV video below).


The 10,437 square-foot Round Lake home and 8,537 square-foot boathouse of long-time Charlevoix residents John and Zita Winn is an architecturally stunning masterpiece. One of the founders of 4 Winns boat company, John has been living in what he calls his "dream home" for the last eight years with his family of five. "Zita and I just talked about it the other day, we feel so grateful and lucky to be able to live there — our enthusiasm for the home never changes," he said. John’s boathouse, which displays up to 30 boats between 5-60 feet, also features nautical items that John has collected during his lifetime."

By the way … it’s for sale and according to Internet rumors the price has been reduced from $11 million to $9 million in case you are interested.


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