Having another birthday is better than NOT having one

Posted By on May 8, 2011

It was nice to have my son home and finished with finals … and to have him think about me on my birthday. Thanks for the Miami Alum license plate surround, Taylor.

My aging first generation Palm Pre is still taking some pretty decent photos (above)

Of course he wasn’t the only one to wish me a Happy Birthday on Saturday, but the two of us spent the day together working on his car and reviewing his summer schedule – summer classes, hopefully a few hours a week of work, and moving into an house in Oxford with two of his college friends. It seems like just the other day that I was moving from dorm to apartment in Ada, Ohio with 3 of my college buddies, Jerry, Don and Bill. Although I don’t stay in touch with them all that much, I did get a Facebook birthday greeting from Bill’s wife Julie (so sweet offering a home cooked meal if my daughter needs one when in Columbus). It is always nice to hear from friends from college. Although I’m somewhat caught up on Jerry and Bill (and see Jeff every week), I did miss receiving the Blinn annual Christmas newspaper – it is usually long and entertaining? I hope Don and his family are ok?

Speaking of Facebook, this was the first year that I’ve paid much attention to the greetings passed along by my nieces and nephews … thanks guys, although I’m at the age where I really don’t want to be counting them each year.
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