Is there a way to financially plan for the future and sleep at night?

Posted By on August 20, 2011

For those wondering what politicians should focus on (jobs) and what individuals should be doing in order to plan for a few years down the road, Jim Mccaughan of Principal Financial Group has a few ideas:

  James Mccaughan: His thoughts on Friday – 8/19/2011

Brief Biography

Mr. James P. McCaughan is President – Principal Global Investors of Principal Financial Group Inc. He heads the Principal Global Investors segment of operations, has been President, Principal Global Investors of the Company and of Principal Life since December 2003. Prior to that time, he served as Executive Vice President and global head of asset management for the Company and Principal Life since April 2002. From 2000 – 2002, he was Chief Executive Officer of the Americas division of Credit Suisse Asset Management in New York, New York.


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