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Posted By on November 30, 2011

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Its good to archive a few photos from a family gathering … in this case Thanksgiving at my brother’s house last week. Besides enjoying the time with family, we checked out the new man-toy in Ron’s barn – a new John Deere mower. A few new markers for the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday: the “no shave” November for my son Taylor (above) and meeting my niece’s boyfriend Ben. (very nice to meet him, below right)

TdayKMom_5253 TdayKeiraBen_5254

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Dinner was excellent and the work to prepare it most appreciated … thanks Claire and Ron. Mom was able to enjoy the day, although she is in pain and nervous about her upcoming back surgery. It is definitely needed as she is tried all other treatment options since the injury in May — the pain doesn’t ease much. We are confident that surgery is the best option to put her on the road to good health.

We had a great time together and I’m thankful to have such a close and caring family.

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