Deficit and debt debacle continues to drag on our economy

Posted By on November 21, 2011

The financial markets responded negatively Monday morning to the general conclusion that neither Europe or the U.S. can come to agreements over out of control spending. The congressional super committee charged with coming up with a solution telegraphed failure thismarkets1111211030 weekend as neither Democrats or Republicans seem interested in compromising their positions. I ask you, why do we continue to fund a disfunctional government and send the same people to govern when they do little to create an environment that will help our economy? A rhetorical question when the split politics of America send two opposing groups of representatives to Washington DC. One motivated group, Republican conservatives, demand “less government control and a shrinking federal budget” and the other, progressive or liberal Democrats expect “more government than we have now and even more federal control.”  It is disappointing for our economy and struggling Americans that neither side sees the financial health of our country as in their political interest. Shameful.

EDIT: Although I’m not in the Gov Rick Perry campaign camp, I am frustrated enough with congress and the lack of leadership from the Whitehouse to agree with his comments …

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