Thinking about my mom and her better days

Posted By on January 22, 2012

Our first boat “Brenich” in Huron Ohio back around 1984???

I’ve been hankering to find a reason to include another old photo from the 1980s after sifting through the pile in my desk for the archive post the other day – there isn’t a good reason so this will be a “desultory” post. About the only reason I can come up with is that my mother has been on my mind and she is in this photo (dark blue top). Unfortunately for those of middle age that are still fortunate enough to have living parents, health issues are often front and center. That has been the case for me the last couple of months.

IMG_5305Her problem started in May of 2011 when working out in the garden she felt something in her back hurt when bending over. The assumption was a pulled muscle or small irritation, but about 3 months later it was determined to be a herniated disc. The doctor decided to treat with a series of Prednisone injections and pain medicines before opting for surgery. Unfortunately it did not solve the problem and she was schedule for surgery in early December of 2011. By the date of the surgery mom was losing muscle tone and weight (she was already thin) and in constant pain. Surgery seemed to be the only option so we were satisfied that it was the right choice. Unfortunately on admission to the hospital it was determine that things had drastically changed from the previous scans and a new doctor and tests were ordered. The holidays interrupted schedules and she was given more medication to make it through the pain.

By the beginning of the January she needed to use a walker and was unable to walk for much more than the length of the house at one time. Steps were becoming difficult and by the time of her vertebrae reconstruction consultation she was deteriorating to the point I was concerned that they would not even consider surgery. Her overall health ended up not being the concern as new scans showed deterioration of the bone to the point that several vertebrae had crumbled and collapsed – according to the surgeon there wasn’t anything he could do to rebuilt, cement or fasten anything to such weaken and brittle bones. Not good … although mom was actually relieved not to have to undergo surgery.

Last week my brother and I built a ramp into their house so that dad could wheel her back and forth from the car in a wheel chair but she continues to have severe pain and is not eating well. The emergency squad took her to the hospital this past week and I was up again when she was release and helped her home. After doing a few more chores and shopping I was comfortable knowing that the new pain patches were working better than the oral meds. I’m not sure what the future holds, but just getting her to eat, preventing any sitting and bed sore and finding an effective pain management Rx is about the best we can hope for … I feel for my dad saddled with caring 24/7 for mom. Something has to change.

Hope readers don’t mind my posting this today … and requesting prayers for my mom.


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